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Why buy from Precision Graphics?  Funny you should ask.  I have a great story to tell you.  Over the weekend I ran into a guy that I see every Saturday.  We talk at least for 10 minutes every Saturday and have for the past 7 weeks.  He just got through buying a his team basketball uniforms.  Kinda strange that he never knew that we did uniforms.  I blame myself.  Always tell people you meet what you do!  So I asked, why did you go through that other company?  He really didn’t know.  He said something about driving by their office and just figured he would give them a try.  He said when he called he knew what he liked, knew the brand and wasn’t on a budget.  I would call that a dream prospect for me.  Not a lot of research for products, price him fairly, do a good job screen printing his products and collect the money.  It would have been easy for me.  If it was so easy, why did the other company screw up his order so badly?
First, these were the older men that wanted longer basketball shorts.  So, why did he get a 9″ long basketball short?  Why not an 11″ in length basketball short?  Also, when questioned by the customer, the company responded with there was absolutely nothing they can do about it.
Also, they ordered and printed the wrong colored jerseys.  Why?  I can answer that.  They have no clue what they are doing.
First, at Precision Graphics, we have a three step approval process.  First, we select a product.  In any team sport uniform whether it’s basketball shorts or basketball jerseys, it’s important to get samples of the sizes to try on.  You can order them in the color that the client wan

ts and use them for the order.  This ensures that the customer will see the actual basketball jersey in the color and be able to size everyone appropriately.  That would have eliminated the question, why did I receive a 9″ basketball short?  Our next step is art approval.  We proof the customer on the basketball jersey and basketball reversible shorts

in the colors of the screen printing we will use.  We use pms colors as a point of reference on the artwork proof.  We also email the dimensions of the artwork.  If the screen printing says 12″ wide in Triangle black ink.  We will not screen print in red at 5″ wide.  The last and final proof is to have the customer come in and see the first preproduction proof.  This is always an option to the customer.  All of these items combined is a great reason to use Precision Graphics in Tempe, AZ for all your team uniform screen printing needs.

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