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AzPrecisionGraphics.com allows your customers to design custom t-shirts, sportswear, and promotional items online. With free shipping, a money back guarantee, and the fastest turnaround offered on the internet, with this free affiliate program you can't lose!

Precision Graphics is the most revolutionizing the custom apparel industry. With an average order size of $300 and a unlimited commission paid on all orders, you can help your traffic satisfy their needs for custom made items for their business, school teams, sports leagues uniforms, family reunions shirts, bachelor/bachelorette parties apparel, and just about any other type of event you can imagine. For example, The Ball Club a baseball club team uses affiliate webstore to help pay for baseballs, field lights, dues,and the end of the year party. The monthly Commission automaticlly gets transferred into your Paypal account. So, have a creative mind and the willingness to make lots of money? Sign up its Free. Any one can design a shirt.

Precision Graphics Since 1981, we have been creating custom corporate products to help businesses in Tempe, Arizona promote themselves and stand out among the crowd. Our number one goal is outperforming our customer’s expectations.  Precision Graphics dedicated tenured staff pays special attention to details from the time the order comes in to the time it leaves.



What Is Affiliate Marketing



What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?


You upload designs on your site, or create a custom design using our 1000's of clip art designs. Remember this includes screen printing, DTG direct to garment printing, and embroidery. If you thought a printed shirt website would make you money, imagine what it's going to be like with the embroidery feature avalible. 100's of  embroidery fonts, amazing embroidery clip art, multiple locations on products to display your embellishment. Once the designs are loaded or created onsite, asign those designs to the product you wish to sell. Next adjust the price on the entire site by the percent you want to make or adjust individual items. All purchases that come to your website get facilitated at Precision Graphics staff paying special attention to details from the time the order comes in to the time it leaves. Monthly your affiliate commission gets a Paypal mass payment to your account.

How much does it cost to become an affiliate?

This is a free affiliate program. There is no cost to sign up or continue with our affiliate program. The more you send to us the more we and you profit.

Why Our Affiliate Webstores?

Precision Graphics is continuing uploading new product that you can place your designs on and $ELL. There is no hidden charges, such as monthly Paypal fees,credit card transaction, service merchant charges. NO FEES

Affiliate Terms

How do I create the site?

We'll offer you a large selection of  templete sites in many colors. Think of a webstore name because the web domain is FREE  as long as you pick one of ours. Yes, you can use your own once you get started. Having any trouble contact us 24/7 480-229-7806  let us know how we can help.azprecisiongraphics affiliate website sign up

How do I track my commissions?

Log in to your site and view any time under manage store. Commission  manage our affiliate program and track all of the traffic, send newsletters,transfer files. You will be able to track your leads, sales, and commissions using this as well, easy to use tracking system.

Affiliate Revenue

How much are my payouts?

An average order is $300 with you receiving whatever percent you decide times the number of items sold. For example, 25% mark up on 15 t-shirts sold at $20.00 a shirt is $300.00 Your commission would be $75.00 sent to your Paypal account. Now Lets Face it ONLY 15 shirts! Thats a great way to make a second income if you only sold 15 shirts a day. A yearly income of $27,375.00

When will I get paid?

We pay our affiliates Monthly with no minimum pay threshold.

What is the banner ads?

We have banner ads that goes on our site and can promote your products and designs. This is a great way to cover more website territory. This free affiliate program has many different types of options to choose from to best fit your website .

Who do I contact for more information?

So, Get Started! Got  T-shirt Ideas? Turn Cotton Into Cash!

Please send us an email at chris@azprecisiongraphics.com

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