Solar iPhone Charger



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Solar iPhone charger. Perfect solution for charging an iPhone when you are out with this portable mobile power station battery charger with solar panel. Compact and lightweight battery for daily use. Get this long-lasting iPhone 3G power station for maximum talk time. This is a mobile power station for recharging your iPhone and iPod in a convenient way. Indicator light lets you know that your iPod or iPhone is being charged. This Solar iPhone Charger is one of many great products that you can handout for businesses, and meetings! This is a good tradeshow handout because you can have your company logo on it so they will remember you later on! I love this product because whenever me and my family go out of town and all of the car chargers are getting use by my kids. I just grab my Solar iPhone Charger and put my phone up against the window and let it do its magic. This product has many useful qualities, like when you’re at your kids sports and your sitting down working on your phone and your battery is going low just pull out the Solar iPhone Charger plug it into your phone and go right back to work. Don’t be worried about it taking your battery down it would be just bringing it up by taking the energy from the sun.

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Solar Powered Phone Charger Diy

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