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Team Wrist Phiten



Team Wrist Phitens Are 100% Make From The Military Grade Parachute 550 Paracord. Our cord is modeled after US military issue 7 strand Kernmantle style 550 cord. Hand Make Each One By Size, Color Buckle, Custom Embroidered Charm.

Survival 550 Paracord

This Survival Wrist Phiten Is Just What All Sports Players And Teams Need To Show Off There Team Colors; Along With There Own Individual Number. This Is A Sence Of Pride For Schools And Teams Alike. Ordering Online Or By Calling To Have Yours Custom  Build. Let Our Staff Can Help Design Something For You.

Survival Straps

The rugged Survival Bracelet contains up to 15 feet of 550 test military spec paracord. The In an emergency can be use as aheavy duty rope.


Team Survival Phiten

  •   Blue Wildcats Bracelet
    • Blue Wildcats Bracelet
  •   Fear the Fork Bracelet
    • Fear the Fork Bracelet
  •   Navy-Red-White (Wildcats)
    • Navy-Red-White (Wildcats)
  •   White-Navy-Red (Wildcats)
    • White-Navy-Red (Wildcats)
  •   Yellow-Green-White (Cheese)
    • Yellow-Green-White (Cheese)
  •   Purple-White-Pink (PHX)
    • Purple-White-Pink (PHX)