Camp Geronimo 2017 T-Shirt

How To Customize Shirt:
1st  Enter the information in the (Enter Troop Information Box) near the sizes
2nd Click Add Text
3rd  Select Edit Size To Choose The Sizes You Want To Order.
(Sizes YXS - XL are $13.50): (Sizes XXL are $16.50 & XXXL are $18.50) When XXL & XXXL sizes are ordered with sizes YXS - XL sizes; the total unit price is amortized for all the shirts.

All text will be printed in a Block Font and in Black Ink. This was selected from Camp Geronimo. (If you do not want any text under logo on left chest. You must please type in the same box (NO CUSTOMIZATION)

Camp Geronimo Shirt



Camp Geronimo Boy Scout Shirts With Cool Custom T-Shirt Graphics. Camp Spirit T-Shirts from Precision Graphics makes everyone feel like they are part of something special with lasting memories. Shop now to get started.

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