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Precision Graphics provides custom T-shirts, custom hats, survival bracelets, team wrist phiten, school T-shirts, all in our Pre-Print Line. Many of our product line is customizable with our online decorating web designer tools; which give you the customer the flexibility to add custom text to a shirt, or change the t-shirt color all within the same shirt design. Our staff is also well trained to help with any of your needs to make your next T-shirt experience a great one.

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Shopping for t-shirt’s can be fun when you are looking for custom designed shirts; there are thousands of images and different slogans to select from. One of the biggest reason Precision Graphics is successful sell shirts online is that we also sell very comfortable apparel with those cool graphic tees.

Wholesale T Shirts


Precision Graphics has one of the largest selections of wholesale t-shirts to select from in the southwest. This selection of online apparel is in many shirt sizes, styles, and colors that are priced to sell fast. Buy blank shirts or fully customize each garment with our online t shirt designer.

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F Wear has a highly developed production and shipping systems and we make every effort to ship your orders within 10 Business Days. All orders for pick-up,will call, and delivery will be sent out in either bulk to save on shipping costs or individually on an as per need basis. If you choose to select one of the shipping methods such as USPS or UPS you are responsible for those rates based on the delivery time you need the product in.