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Precision Graphics

Have a deadline?  We perform miracles.

Since 1981

About Precision Graphics is that our number one goal is outperforming our customer’s expectations.  Precision Graphics’ dedicated tenured staff pays special attention to details from the time the order comes in to the time it leaves.  Part of our goal in producing the highest quality is investing in the best machinery in the industry.  This machinery includes automated screen printing equipment with 12 color capacity and several multi-head embroidery machines.  Recently with the new technology of digital printing or direct to garment printing DTG Precision Graphics has multipule of these machines in our production plant. These machines are key to being the best.  Be confident in everything we do is knowing everything about us and our on-staff graphics department not only has the highest computer technology and the latest cutting edge graphic’s programs, but also has the equipment to perform precise registration to output your artwork to print and embroidery.  Therefore, our turnaround time on artwork approval is minimal. This all means reduced costs, fewer errors, faster output and 100% satisfaction, all the time.  Precision Graphics is all about fully connecting with our customers either through our location in Tempe, via fax, telephone, email and even on the web @ www.azprecisiongraphics.com


                                                      KEY PROFILE:                                    Precision Graphics                                   

  YEARS IN BUSINESS:                                      31 YEARS

                                 LOCATION:                           1715 W. 4TH ST., TEMPE, AZ  85281

           TELEPHONE:                                         480-967-7015

            TOLL-FREE:                                            877-967-7015

                 FAX:                                                      480-921-9011

                            EMAIL:                                                               JULIE@AZPRECISIONGRAPHICS.COM

                        WEBSITE ADDRESS:                                    WWW.AZPRECISIONGRAPHICS.COM